Do you want to sell your business? Before selling your business, call us. We are specialists in Business Sales. You are not obligated to make agreements with us. We will only have a strictly confidential conversation about your interest in selling the business, and the best ways to promote it. We have a highly qualified staff that can advise you on this matter.



  • We are the only Organization specialized in the Purchase and Sale of Business in the country
  • The sale of a business is somewhat complex and often requires specialized professionals.
  • Let us handle the sales process. You probably do not have the time that this process requires.
  • Surely it is necessary to maintain confidentiality in the sale of the business.



  • We try to handle the sale of your business with strict confidentiality, if you wish.
  • We handle the information of potential buyers who might be interested in your business.
  • We try to establish an appropriate price for your business.
  • We have an Advertising that reaches all parts of the world.
  • We try to get you the best price for your business.



  • Below we indicate the information that a potential buyer may be interested in knowing about your business:
  • Approximate monthly sales. In this be objective.Do not put information by putting it, because this will not help you in the process of selling. The time the business has is important for the prospective buyer to get an idea of ​​how stable or not the business is.
  • The prospective buyer wants to know if the business has had a benefit recently, to know if operating income exceeds typical business expenses. The number of employees that the business currently has is a valuable information, because of this the potential buyer has an idea of ​​the commitments that the business has from the point of view of the employee of the same.
  • Always the possible buyer of your business will value knowing the reason for the sale of the business. This way you will have an idea of ​​whether it could be a good offer for him. It is not the same to sell a business for not being able to take care of it, due to illness, because it is going to be dedicated to other activities, or simply because it is broken.
  • The exact location of the site is important and decisive for someone to be interested in the advertisement. Be the most explicit.
  • In our country there are several models of Commercial Companies. It is important for the prospective buyer to know what kind of society is being offered.



  • You must set a fair price. Frequently sellers set too high a price on their business, without having made a valuation of it. This information is often the most important when it comes to conquering potential buyers. Do not be passionate The prospective buyer must see profit in the transaction, otherwise he would not be interested in it.
  • It is advisable to offer different payment options, because in this way there could be more people interested. You may need advice on the transaction. I looked for help. It is convenient to hire professionals in this area.
  • Be as objective as possible with the information you give to the prospective buyer. Exaggerations often create distrust that harms the transaction.